Further Thoughts About Nano Coating

The perfect shine of a car can be reached by having a beautiful and clear face without any blemishes. It needs perfect and utmost care to attain a fantastic shine. But no worries, nowadays it is much easier to attain that super shiny facades  by using various modern methods like Nano Coating that is one of the most effective way assuring highly protected Nano Coating products.

Nano-Scaled Market

Nano coating also called as Nano sealing is attained by applying a network of molecules formed by Nano structures over cars. There are various Nano coating products available in market to achieve a highest performance and long lasting effect.

Which methods can be used?

Coating techniques are evaluated precisely upon desired properties of coating, suitability for substrate material, operating cost, safety considerations, working environment and so forth. The methods for coating a surface in nano-scale are spray targetting, dipping, depositing, sputtering, spinning, rolling and brushing.

What are the benefits?

Nano-coatings offer great potential for various applications due to their unique characteristics that cannot be obtained by conventional coatings. Smaller but stronger, lighter, durable and flexible; versatile products are on the way.


Since the day they have introduced in early 2000s as passive nano-structures, nano-coatings have become very popular amongst scientific research areas and high-tech industrial applications able to manipulate the matter at atomic level, almost in a decade.

Today, thanks to number of innovations, nano-coatings can be coated almost any surface in an affordable manner as more nano-material containing products move from research and development phase into production and commerce, spread across the globe.


The worldwide market for functional surfaces exceeds $50 billion per annum (according to US Department of Energy).


Advantages of using nano-coatings are:

  • Low material consumption, weight reduction.
  • Adhesion level onto metal, glass and ceramic surfaces.
  • Abandonment of heavy metals and toxic elements.
  • Bio-compatible usage.
  • Specific adjustability/customization according to application area/sector.
  • Prolonged life for products.
  • Energy saving.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Microstructure, surface morphology, electrical and optical properties can be controlled.
  • Retained bulk properties.
  • Elimination of consumable products for drying the coated surface.

What are customer responses?

As we claim our products not only improve itself  but also improves life of our customers.

Here are several customer comments of ours…

“Surface coatings makes life easier”, “We are saving time and money”, “Nano products offer self-apply due to easy operating and environmentally friendly containment”, “This technology gives chance to catch up with state-of-the-art technological advances”, “Nasiol increased the value of our existing products in respectable amounts”.

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